1. Full implementation and consulting in buying a home, which includes:

  • Review of the Land Registry that your property is free from encumbrances and registered properly
  • Preparation of the notary appointment with an oral translation of the title deed.
  • Electricity, water, telephone, community owners, etc.
  • Registration of the property in the Spanish Land Registry.
  • Applying for a Spanish tax number (essential for buying a property in Spain)

2. Complete handling the sale of a property

3. creating your Testament in Spain

4. counseling and settlement in Testament openings and donations

5. advice from a Spanish lawyer

6. Fiscal representation after purchase (production of annual tax returns for property owners who do not live permanently in Spain)

7. Opening an account in Spain

8. assistance in receiving a mortgage with a bank in Spain at the best conditions

9. Written sworn and non-sworn translations

10. Verbal translation of the title deed

11. Land Registry Extracts

12. re-registration of your motor vehicle


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